What is BEING?

Protiviti’s Black Employee Inclusion Network Group or “BEING” was created to expand inclusion and to promote the advancement of employees who identify as Black and African American. Through these actions, BEING will demonstrate and contribute to Protiviti’s commitment toward diversity, equity and inclusion.

BEING Impactful

BEING is making an impact by cultivating leaders within Protiviti through equity and inclusion. To ensure success, Protiviti first identified four key focus areas, known as Pillars. Next, passionate leaders were identified for each pillar to drive accountability. The pillars and corresponding objectives are as follows:

Protiviti BEING members during a recent meeting!
  • Communication: To promote and coordinate global, national, and local initiatives internally to increase awareness, membership, and employee retention.
  • Education: To facilitate global dialogues, training and build allyship through education of Black and African American history and culture. To attend and present at conferences/events on Black and African American topics.
  • Outreach: To partner with recruiting by creating an environment of Black and African American representation for candidates and Protiviti Employees. To collaborate with community organizations and other business partners for community service and program enrichment.
  • Development/Mentoring: To create the space for organic mentoring and networking relationships to occur. Create programming that reflects cultural diversity, which fosters awareness. Provide leadership coaching for BEING members.

These identified pillars will make an impact by driving higher employee engagement and productivity within the workplace, thereby cultivating leaders — and we’re so excited to see that impact in action!

A recent BEING event in our Houston office!


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