February is Black History Month in the U.S. and it’s a wonderful time to reflect, celebrate and educate. It is a time to recognize and honor of the contributions and accomplishments of Blacks and African Americans throughout history.

At Protiviti, we’re committed to building an inclusive work environment where every individual can thrive and where each individual feels a sense of belonging. As Black History Month is celebrated, it is important for all of us to educate ourselves on the shaping of our history and of modern culture by African Americans. One way that we are driving opportunities to learn more is through BEING, Protiviti’s employee network group that was created to expand inclusion and promote the advancement of employees who identify as Black and African American. BEING stands for “Black Employee Inclusion Network Group”.

In celebration, we asked Protiviti employees to contribute stories, words or videos that reflect on what Black History Month means to them. Here are a few responses:

“Reflecting on Black History, not only this month, but everyday life by learning, educating ourselves, and taking the time to challenge others or even old thought patterns. There is beauty in understanding and learning from those around you; as an anthropology minor, it is ingrained in me to approach situations with open-mindedness and delicateness as I listen with the intent to learn. When we learn of and about peoples and cultures different than our own we grow empathy, compassion, and love. We grow as individuals and we grow as a whole. A more united community can flourish as a result, and to me, this prospect is exciting.” – Jade, Senior Consultant

How We’re Celebrating At Protiviti:

  • Fireside chat with Herschel Frierson, Chair of the Board of Directors at NABA
  • Participating in Smithsonians Transcribe-A-Thon
  • “Engaging in Conversations on Race and Racism” webinar by Catalyst


#MyProtivitiStory: We believe the best way to understand the core of who we are as an organization is through our people. These short videos are a reflection of our people’s stories and experiences.

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