The term “flexible work” is likely something you’ve heard in 2020. But what does that term really mean? 

While the term often rings true for a reduced work schedule or taking some time away, Protiviti embraces broadening the typical definition of flexibility to align with the needs of our people and remove the traditional limitations.  This goes beyond formal arrangements where flexibility is “approved”, like sabbaticals and a reduction in hours, and removes boundaries to allow for informal arrangements where our people are empowered to make work, work for them.  Protiviti believes that flexibility is needed now more than ever, and we know all Protiviti team members can benefit from flexible work.   

What does that look like? Informal flexing options are as diverse as our people and we are committed to supporting them. As Scott Redfearn, Executive Vice President for Global Human Resources, said in a message earlier this summer, “We can all be flexible when we understand what each of us needs.”  At Protiviti, we continue to encourage our teams to reflect and hold open discussions about their flexibility needs to better understand. 

We recognize that all of us have used flexibility at some point in our life, whether it’s dropping off our cars for an oil change, taking a break from the day to attend our child’s soccer practice or a doctor’s appointment.  Protiviti fully supports flexible work for all.  We are working together to embrace both formal and informal flexibility as part of our culture here at Protiviti.  

Hear from a few of our team members on how they have supported and experienced #FlexForAll: 

Hear from Tony at Protiviti
Hear from Kyle at Protiviti
Hear from Enjolique at Protiviti
Hear from Caroline at Protiviti

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