At Protiviti, we believe that when every individual can bring their whole selves to work, we achieve our greatest potential. More than ever, there is a focus on how to create equality for a better world and a better workplace. Knowledge and education become key when discussing how biases form and how we can combat them to fight inequality. We’re proud of our team at Protiviti who sought out a way to do just that!

Focus on Equality

In response to the heightened focus around inequality in the United States and around the world, two Protiviti Consultants, Madison (Orlando, FL) and Zach (Washington, D.C.), worked together with our Global Diversity & Inclusion team to design a three-part series called Summer Series on Fighting for Equality.

From the point of its inception, Protiviti’s Diversity & Inclusion Book Club, has experienced a positive response. The book club, which began a few months ago in 2020, began with the book “Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People”. With close to 200 members participating in bi-weekly discussions across 23 offices, members were given the space to openly discuss how they understand and define bias, the big and small ways in which we have been impacted by bias, and how we can combat our own biases. As discussions around Blindspot came to a close, the book club prepared for its next chapter.

The Conversation

The first session focused on “Challenging What is Normal”, where participants dissected the ways in which inequality is systemically ingrained within our social, corporate, and governmental systems. The second session, “Mapping our Biases“, challenged participants to identify ways in which our own preconceived notions of race, religion, or gender may contribute to inequality gaps. And finally, the third session, “How to Affect Change“, was perhaps the most pressing of the topics covered. This discussion provided participants with the necessary tools to affect change both within themselves and the environment around them.

One of our smaller virtual breakout teams in the Houston office!

Finding Connection

The level of openness and engagement from our team members around creating a more diverse and inclusive workspace has been astounding. During discussions, participants shared deeply personal experiences in which they encountered or unknowingly perpetrated bias or prejudice. At a time when so many of our social ties on are limited or even severed, the book club represents a desperately needed connection during this period of physical and ideological division.

Why is Diversity Important to You?

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A Statement from Protiviti

We want to be clear that injustice, violence, and discrimination have no place in our society or in our company; they stand in direct opposition to our organizational values.

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