Protiviti’s Commitment to Sustainability on Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary

The theme for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day is climate change, a topic that has become more relevant these last few weeks. During the global shutdown, we’ve had a glimpse at what our planet could look like without so much pollution. The canals in Venice are clearer, the air in industrial cities like Mumbai is clean, and everywhere, a reduction in traffic means less air pollution. Ultimately, this will only be a brief opportunity to see what the world is like when we reduce our impact on the environment – unless we all take action.

This year’s celebration will be much different than in past years. Celebrations locally and internationally will be held online, but the spirit and call-to-action remain the same.

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This Earth Day, Protiviti’s Green Team unites as one.  “We put a great deal of energy into our Green initiatives through iCare,” says Andrea Spinelli, a Managing Director in our Boston office. “We have grown our Green Team into an organization that has a global impact, putting on events and generating initiatives that have a positive effect on our offices and communities.”

Reducing the use of harmful materials is one of the Green Team’s key goals. “Our Plastic-Free program aims to reduce plastic use throughout our offices,” notes Elena, a Director in the Milan office who runs the program. “Our offices in Italy are now plastic-free.”

On a corporate level, sustainability programs are carefully documented in our Corporate Citizenship Report. “From a corporate perspective, we have a very serious commitment to monitoring our impact on the communities we serve,” notes Suzanna Combs, a Director who guides our iCare programs including i on Hunger, and our Green Teams. “These initiatives are part of our core commitment to our people and our communities.”

Steve Wang, a Managing Director in the St. Louis office, has long been interested in environmental issues. He takes an active role in his office’s sustainability and in the community. In addition to the work he does within our offices, Steve believes in bringing green to clients whenever he can.


“When you’re at a client’s office, focus on little things like turning off lights when you leave a conference room, or bringing your own coffee cup and water bottle to the client workplace,” notes Steve. “And if the client has a Green Team, ask if you can join and participate in their events. It’s a also great way to build relationships outside the workplace.”


“When you serve on the Green Team, or get involved with your clients in this area, it gives you more visibility into what you can do as an individual to impact your office, your clients, or even your home life,” says Steve. “You can coach people on how to adapt to more environmentally friendly practices and you’ll be able to do your part to save money, better the environment, and have an impact,” says Steve adding one last thought, “It’s just the right thing to do.”

Taking the Right Steps to Support Your Local Green

Protiviti’s Charlotte Green team’s efforts show us that even small actions can have quantifiable results.

The following two graphics show just how much impact a few people can have, as measured by the 50 Actions for 50 Years app – the first set of numbers is from the Charlotte office, and the next is from a team made up of Protiviti people throughout the U.S. who participated.

Charlotte Data

Protiviti Data

Protiviti people everywhere are inventive about the ways they contribute in small ways. Pranav, a Senior Specialist in our New Delhi office, and a member of the Global Learning and Development team, has a passion for planting trees. With the recent birth of his daughter, he and his wife planted a tree and committed to planting a tree each year on her birthday.

Our team in Winchester has been donating all kinds of plastic material such as bread bags and plastic sandwich and freezer bags  to Trex, a company that recycles these goods into durable deck material. You may have walked on a Trex deck at a nature center or park trail.

Our Orlando office produces a weekly email with tips for being sustainable. Recently in San Francisco, the team created a presentation on climate change and invited Protiviti kids to the call so that families under shelter-in-place orders could take some time to think about how their home recycling habits could impact the greater good.

Chelsea, a Manager in the Phoenix office, shared a snap of a blueberry carton before she recycled it. Taking the extra time to recycle can amount to the same yearly impact as eliminating 17 bags of garbage.
Erica, a Senior Consultant in the Charlotte office, shared a scenic picture of her reusable mug.
Meg, a Senior Consultant from the Boston office, posted a picture of her favorite reusable mug. Opting for a reusable mug just once can have the same yearly impact as charging 3,093 batteries.
Sara, a Human Resources Specialist in the Charlotte office, posted a picture of her leftovers. The average person wastes over 200 pounds of food each year, making eating leftovers an important action.


At Protiviti, we are a global, mobile, flexible and dedicated workforce. While navigating the challenges presented daily by the developing COVID-19 pandemic, our teams are working from home to prevent the spread of infection and minimize risk to our broader communities.

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