Today’s guest blogger is none other than Jenna Fitzsimmons, Risk & Compliance Managing Director and Protiviti’s very own 2019 Working Mother of the Year.  Jenna will be celebrated along with our team at an upcoming awards gala for the companies on Working Mother’s 2019 list of “100 Best Companies”.  Today, she has an important reminder for working parents everywhere.

An Important Reminder


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“It’s the quality of time you spend with them, not the quantity.”

“You can have it all, but you can’t have it all at the same time.”

“Set your boundaries and stick to them.  No one else is going to set them for you.”

There’s no shortage of advice for working moms.  Most of it is good advice, and all of it is typically given with good intent.  So, the advice that I received from a mentor this past March shouldn’t have come as a surprise, and I am certain it wasn’t the first time it was shared with me, but perhaps sometimes we just need a reminder of how to persevere as a working parent. We value you, and we want you to be successful,” she said. “It’s in everyone’s best interest that you find the balance you need.  So, determine what that is, and then ask for it.”

This was the reminder that I needed. I couldn’t be afraid to reassess and ask for what I needed, even if what I needed had evolved. It’s good advice – not just for working moms, but for all working parents.  I now pass this message on to mentees, peers and friends. You are valued.  We want you to succeed.  What you need isn’t necessarily what the person next to you needs, but don’t be afraid.  Figure out what your road to success looks like, and then ask for it.

I’d be surprised to find anyone who can say they have figured out the secret to success as a working parent. The truth is, it’s not easy. Some days you give more to work; some days you give more to your family.  And hopefully, most days, you feel like you’re on the right path.  In my case, I needed to ask for a flexible work schedule.  Having one day during the work week devoted to taking care of me and my home life became important after becoming a mom of three.

When people ask me how I do it, the answer is easy: one day at a time, and with a lot of help.


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My family.


We love our working moms, a lot. That’s what makes being named to Working Mother magazine’s “100 Best Companies” extra special. Congratulations to Protiviti’s very own, Jenna Fitzsimmons, who was honored as our Working Mother of the Year. This award celebrates moms who exemplify passion, leadership, and resilience. We are so proud of you, Jenna!


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