Each November, men around the world take on the month of Movember to help bring awareness to men’s health issues such as cancer, mental health and suicide prevention and each year we are excited by the participation of our Protiviti employees.

So, what does Movember actually entail? For the entirety of the month of November, men can participate by choosing to grow a mustache and/or raise funds for the Movember Foundation. At Protiviti, that also entails some fun events to help bring awareness and support donation efforts in the office. I checked in with a few of our teams across the nation to see what they were planning!

I Mustache You A Question…

What events did you host locally for your office?

Orlando: “Our office broke up in to teams and made it in to a competition on who can raise the most money for the Movember Foundation, both individually and as a team. The top fundraiser received a prize and donuts!” – Summer H.

Indianapolis: “Participants grew out their facial hair to promote awareness for men’s health. Individuals who couldn’t grow out their facial hair, were able to donate to those who could. On the last day, we also encouraged those individuals who couldn’t grow a mustache to wear a fake one! We then voted for the best real and fake mustache and recognized our top fundraiser.” – Madison H.

Metro D.C.: “The Metro D.C. iWellness Committee focused our weekly ‘Wellness Wednesday’s’ on men’s health topics to raise awareness. We also encouraged individuals to get involved and/or donate specifically through to the Movember Foundation.” – Karan P.

What does Movember mean to you?

“The Movember Foundation initiative was created to support a number of issues related to men’s health, including prostate and testicular cancer and mental health and suicide prevention. To me, this creates a dialogue that is so uncommonly discussed and works to help men to feel more comfortable seeking out help in these areas. I personally have known several men who have struggled with these issues and for that reason I am very passionate about the charity and what it stands for. I want all men who struggle with these issues to have the resources readily available to them and the courage to pursue those resources  and use them to overcome the adversities they face every day.”

Travis Movember

Travis L., Senior Consultant, Orlando

“By growing out your whiskers, you are opening a dialogue for meaningful discussions and further awareness around men’s health issues to help men from dying too young. More importantly, around issues that men tend to not talk about such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention.”

Karan P

Karan P., Experienced Consultant, Metro D.C.

“This is my 5th year participating in Movember. It started in Dallas as a fun way to grow facial hair and compete against the Houston office. Along the way, I lost two influential men in my life, both gone too early. That resulted in me starting to take men’s health more seriously. I look forward to continuing to grow support in the Orlando office and beyond, while still getting to see some amazing facial hair grown by office leadership in the process! It truly is great to see all the support we have gathered over the last year, and I look forward to keeping things moving forward.”

Rigel Movember

Rigel B., Manager, Orlando

Throughout November, thousands of dollars were raised for the Movember Foundation and other men’s health charities from Protiviti employees who both donated and/or participated in the challenge. Thank you for all those who did! We can’t wait to bring the mustache back in 2019!


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