Protiviti Expands Our Fight Against Hunger Reaching 7+ Million Meals

This was a year of transition for i on Hunger, Protiviti’s company-wide initiative which was originally launched in 2014 to provide food to those in need around the world.

In 2018, we made an ambitious promise to ourselves and our global communities that i on Hunger would further challenge itself to have an ongoing, sustainable impact. The goal was to stretch ourselves beyond our successful meal packing events to reduce hunger by providing dependable food sources, educating communities on the root causes of hunger, improving the nutritional value of the meals we pack, eliminating food waste, and partnering with organizations to further strengthen our fight against hunger.

The results have been outstanding! Offices across the globe have created missions and events focused on sustainable areas, grown client involvement, and increased the number of organizations served.

What does success for i on Hunger look like now? Glad you asked.

Oct 2018 Around the World

We recently surpassed the 7+ million meal mark! Through 85 events, we will also soon surpass the 2.5 million meal milestone with one of our partners, Rise Against Hunger, who have delivered our meals all over the world!

In 2019, the firm will maintain a strategic focus on i on Hunger and continue to find new ways to create impact including refining each office’s missions, expanding events, encouraging more people to participate, including more clients in the work, and applying our know-how to better partner with organizations.

Are you interested in joining our hunger-fighting team?

Check out our careers page here.

*this information was repurposed from Protiviti’s internal platform i on Protiviti*

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