For the past  decade, members of the Pittsburgh office have conquered the Pittsburgh Marathon despite rain, sun, cold temperatures and heat. This year was no different as  four members took to the 26.2 mile course (..did anyone else get tired just reading that?!). Runners raised $1,500 in support of 412 Food Rescue, which will be almost doubled thanks to our amazing corporate matching program! The donation will help to combat hunger, a global issue that Protiviti is extremely invested in bringing awareness to.

As you can tell, at Protiviti, we are more than just co-workers. We are friends. We are supporters of one another. We are a group of humans with passion. Social responsbility is something that our Protiviti family is focused on whether it is through an i on Hunger event, a walk sponsored by our proPRIDE team, or the numerous other ways that our amazing employees give back.


Members of our Pittsburgh office prepping for the marathon!

Congratulations to the members of our Pittsburgh office who completed the marathon and a big THANK YOU to all of those who supported!






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