With so much to appreciate at Protiviti, we’re excited to kick off our annual Employee Appreciation Week today! We recognize that our successes are only achieved working as a team and it’s exciting to be able to place some extra emphasis on our employees and colleagues this week. #HatsOffProtiviti

With the excitement of what is to come (think ice cream socials, barista bars, breakfast served by Managing Directors and a whole lot more!), I thought it would be fitting to dig in to this word: appreciate. It’s so important to allow appreciation to also inspire us. We all “wear” many hats in terms of the direct roles and responsibilities that we have in our careers. However, we also wear the less defined hats that are driven by our personalities: the mentor, the comic-relief, the “Positive Polly”, the  closer, the strong leader, the go-to subject expert, the go-getter, etc.. In honor of Employee Appreciation week, I caught up with a few of my colleagues across the nation to discuss the hats they wear and the ways they appreciate.

What is something that you appreciate at Protiviti?

“I really appreciate my local office which has quickly become like a family to me. I recently joined the team and everyone has been so welcoming and willing to help. I also appreciate the importance that Protiviti emphasizes in giving back to our communities!”

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SummerOperations Team, Orlando

I appreciate the opportunity to work for a firm that creates an environment of diversity, great co-workers and excellent career development opportunities. I also appreciate that my office consistently hosts various teambuilding events such as the quarterly office meetings, the holiday Snowflake Soiree, the summer outing, etc. All of these events throughout the year add to our special culture here at Protiviti.”


Taylor, Technology ERP Consultant, New York

“I appreciate the opportunity to be a “creator” every day.  There are no procedure manuals for how to develop ourselves and our teams as professionals in today’s climate and there are no easy answers to solve our client’s core problems.  As a result, we become artists every day and create the methods and tools to do so.   To work at a dynamic and flexible firm that supports these visions and creations, that is really something to appreciate.”


Tyler, Internal Audit and Financial Advisory Director, San Francisco

I’d echo much of what my colleagues above mentioned! For me, I really appreciate getting to work alongside a diverse group of employees who help me to grow in my career by providing insightful knowledge, feedback and just being rock stars on a daily basis. There’s also a bottomless candy bowl in my office, which doesn’t hurt!

While taking time to recognize and appreciate is important, my hope is that all my colleagues feel that appreciation! How do we do that? I personally am a big fan of a simple ‘pat on the back’, whether that is a small shout-out on a big call or just a direct email that assures I am providing value to a person or project. Here is what my colleagues had to say:

What is one way that you enjoy being appreciated?

“The best appreciation for me is a positive testimonial from a happy client. It’s the actions that count and not always what is verbalized. When we create lasting memories for our clients, we all benefit. On a personal front, a simple thank-you goes a long way.”


Vishal, Risk & Compliance Managing Director, Charlotte

“The gift of responsibility is a great one and also one that keeps giving.  Throughout my time at the firm, I have been extremely fortunate to have the support and opportunities for additional challenges to grow as a professional.  That, paired with a nice bottle of whiskey, is appreciation.”

Tyler, Internal Audit and Financial Advisory Director, San Francisco

“I feel most appreciated when I hear strong feedback, whether that is in a formal or informal setting! It means so much to me to hear the value that other people see that I’ve been able to provide.”


Gretchen, Internal Audit and Financial Advisory Senior Consultant, St. Louis

Of course, in the spirit of Employee Appreciation week, and shedding light on the hats we wear on a daily basis, I couldn’t help but to ask the below question.

We all “wear” different hats at work. If you were a hat, which hat do you think you’d be?

“I would probably wear a cowboy hat. I think this represents my strong work ethic and personality. I’m not afraid to work hard to get the job done. Definitely a work hard, play hard kind of girl.” – Gretchen


“I would be a top hat, but have two types.  Specifically, I would wear Abraham Lincoln’s top hat during the day and Dr. Seuss’ in the evening.  Business during the day, party at night.” – Tyler

“A fedora (think Indiana Jones) – Personally, I love to travel. Professionally, I think ‘Be Bold’ in the work we do. We are a sum of all our collective knowledge (adventures) and if I were that hat, I would have a lot to talk about and share.” – Vishal


This week, we hope that our employees feel extra appreciation and know how amazing they are, and that they are also taking time to ensure their co-workers feel the same way. The above feedback is indicative that a little can go a long way – say ‘thank you’ to someone who you appreciate today!




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