A little friendly competition never hurt, right? ….Well, that might have been the case before Philadelphia got involved!

As a transplant from North New Jersey [insert fist pump joke here] in Philadelphia, I can honestly say that I’ve never seen sports fans quite like those in the City of Brotherly Love. They are relentless, wildly loyal and they are ready for the big Super Bowl game. Now, while I can’t speak for Boston, I would say from the looks of the office they are ready to rumble as well!

The Boston Office gets ready for the Super Bowl!
The Philadelphia Office representing in Eagles gear!

In true Protiviti spirit, it wouldn’t be a Super Bowl game without a friendly wager. Managing Director’s from both offices have taken to email to announce that this year would be no different! The bet? The city that wins will get to enjoy delicious treats from the losing city (think soft pretzels from Philly and ‘chowdah’ from Boston).  With a wager in place, Justin Timberlake on the halftime roster, and the Puppy Bowl playing for Vikings fans, we simply can’t wait until Sunday. Stay safe and GO BIRDS!


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