Twice a year, we are proud to celebrate and recognize employees that have been promoted into a new role. As such, we are excited to introduce our final #ProtivitiPromos feature of the month. Last up in our series, we head to Japan to meet newly promoted Business Performance Improvement Senior Consultant, Marie, in our Tokyo office!


Years at Protiviti: 3 years

Path to Protiviti: “I first met Protiviti at the Tokyo Career Forum, which is a Japanese recruiting event held in many cities including Boston, Sydney, London and Tokyo. After graduating from the University of Bath in the United Kingdom, I joined the Tokyo Protiviti office in October of 2014.”

Current Solution: Business Performance Improvement – “For the first 2 years at Protiviti, I worked for the Internal Audit and Financial Advisory (IAFA) team, where I was involved in SOX testing and documentations. Then, I began to work with the Business Performance Improvement (BPI) team and that is my current focus.”

What do you enjoy about building your career at Protiviti?: “The people at Protiviti are very nice and supportive and they are helpful resources for me. Both the IAFA and BPI teams have unique perspectives, but both teams have had sound advice for me as I’ve grown in my career. I have enjoyed getting to experience both solutions!”

Outside of work, what do you enjoy? “I like exploring new places, cultures and people. Every month, I take cooking lessons which focus on different exotic meals. At the cooking school, we have foreign teachers come in and show us how to cook their local cuisine. So far, I’ve taken the Russian, French, Indian and Koren cooking classes! Additionally, I like to explore my own country as well! Last year, I went to Ise Jingu, also known as the Grand Shrine. It was so beautiful and it was a great way to relax. I’m excited to see what my next trip will be!”

Ise Jingu
Ise Jingu (Grand Shrine)

Name your most memorable experience that you’ve had a Protiviti: “One of my favorite memories at Protiviti was visiting the Boston Career Forum to help recruit new employees! This forum is how I found Protiviti a few years ago, so it was great to go back and meet other students with bright hopes to work for our company. It was also such a unique experience for the Japan recruiting team to work with our U.S. colleagues and it was great to collaborate as a global firm!”

How did you celebrate this important career milestone? “I went to a gorgeous dinner with the BPI team. It was so much fun!”

Sum Protiviti up in just 1 word: “Collaboration”

Marie (right), her sister and brother-in-law!

We’re so excited for you, Marie! Congratulations on this big milestone.


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