Twice a year, we are proud to celebrate and recognize employees that have been promoted into a new role. As such, we are excited to continue to introduce some of our newly promoted colleagues. Throughout the remainder of this month, we will spotlight a few of these individuals in celebration through this #ProtivitiPromos series. Next up in our series, we are headed to the land down under to meet newly promoted Technology Consulting Director, Ghislaine, in our Melbourne, Australia office!


Years at Protiviti: 2 years

Path to Protiviti: Early on in her career, Ghislaine was exposed to, what would later become, Protiviti leadership through her internship at Arthur Anderson in 2002. After receiving her double-degree in Commerce and IT, she began working at Ernst & Young (EY) as an IT Internal Auditor where she focused on IT and process audits, as well as data engineering. In 2006, Ghislaine had the opportunity to take a secondment with EY in their London office where she was exposed to a variety of engagements in the strategic consulting space. After returning to Melbourne, she joined Accenture in 2010 and came to Protiviti in 2016 to work in our Technology Consulting practice.

Current Solution: Technology Consulting

What do you enjoy about building your career at Protiviti? “I love working in an environment which provides me with opportunities to grow whilst empowering me in equal measure. I love the collaborative leadership culture, where staff at all levels are engaged to provide value to our clients.”

Memorable Protiviti Experiences: When it comes to experiences with Protiviti, Ghislaine shared some memorable moments with me that included travel opportunities, positively impacting our clients, and mentorship. Most recently, Ghislaine traveled to New York City to attend the Financial Services Data Governance conference where she helped to further expand Protiviti’s local offerings. Subsequently, this visit has resulted in some great feedback on her recent engagements with her current clientele.

“I have really enjoyed working on emerging and innovative Digital Transformation projects in Australia and helping our clients succeed in the marketplace. On a more personal note, watching the progress of our new hires as they grow and develop in their careers has been extremely rewarding.”

What does life outside of work look like? Ghislaine is heavily involved in her community and one thing she really enjoys is mentoring university students as they look to begin their careers. Alongside her mentorship, she is also an active supporter of the McAuley Community Services for Women, which is an organization focused on helping women and their children to escape family violence and assist those that may be displaced by such tragedies. In the recent months, Ghislaine has also joined the ‘Culturally Diverse Women’ social enterprise, which is aimed at addressing the significant under-representation of culturally diverse women in leadership roles in Australia. In addition to all of that, Ghislaine recently became the Deputy Chair of the Data Sharing Committee within the Australian Computer Society!

Outside of her philanthropic work, Ghislaine enjoys traveling both locally and internationally with her husband and two young sons. On the weekends, she might be found reading, running, cooking or surfing! As an immigrant from South Africa, where Ghislaine was raised, she also is passionate about influencing change and helping immigrant’s with some of the challenges they face in the community and workforce.

If you could sum up Protiviti in one word, what would that word be? Empowerment”

Ghislaine learning to ride a motorbike!

We want to extend a big congratulations to Ghislaine on her recent promotion!


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