Twice a year, we are proud to celebrate and recognize employees that have been promoted in to a new role. As such, we are excited to continue to introduce some of our newly promoted colleagues. Throughout the remainder of this month, we will spotlight a few of these individuals in celebration through this #ProtivitiPromos series. Next up in our series, we are headed the West coast to meet Jen, a newly promoted Senior Manager in our Los Angeles office.


Years at Protiviti: “I have been with Protiviti for 6+ years starting full time in August of 2011.”

Path to Protiviti:  Jen joined Protiviti as an Intern in the Summer of 2010. After graduating from Loyola Marymount University with her BS in Accounting, she joined as a Consultant!

Current Solution and/or Industry focus: “Internal Audit and Financial Advisory is my focus, largely working on internal audits and SOX readiness engagements. My industry focuses are Real Estate and Consumer Products.”

What do you enjoy about building your career at Protiviti? “I enjoy the ability to focus on your interests while growing personally and professionally with each opportunity you are given.”

Outside of work, what do you enjoy? “I love to cook meals at home, which gives me time to disconnect from work and allows my creative side to shine! Cooking something from scratch and sharing a meal with a bottle of wine with people is special. I also enjoy going to concerts, spending time at the beach, short hikes in the mountains and riding my road bicycle with my husband.”

Who has contributed to your success or been a mentor to you during your Protiviti career? Many employees across the U.S. have contributed to my success over the years and have assisted me in getting where I am today with my career! However, my Career Advisor and role model is Madhushi, an Associate Director in the Los Angeles Office.” (check out below to see what Madhushi had to say!)

What are some of your most memorable Protiviti experiences? “Prior to being promoted to Senior Consultant in July 2013, one of my public clients in Orange County had recently acquired a company in Auckland, New Zealand, which was in need of SOX readiness process documentation. As such, I was able to work, live, and experience the culture of New Zealand during the entire month of June 2013! During this engagement, I was able to gain an appreciation for international culture, work with a co-worker from the Melbourne office and be an advisor to our client while leading efforts in U.S. SOX documentation requirements.  Although this experience allowed me to grow professionally it also blessed me with the opportunity of growing personally. Within the first few days of being in Auckland, I was able to meet an Australian young man, Nathan, working there for the month of June 2013 as a Chemical Engineer for one of his clients. During the month, we were able to build a special connection with each other that continued after we both left Auckland and went back to our own countries. Through the Protiviti Sabbatical program, I was able to take a month off during February 2014 to go on a month long road trip with Nathan by traveling through California, Nevada and Arizona, where our relationship continued to grow. After spending time in Australia to meet his family during May 2015 and maintaining a long distance relationship for a year, he was able to start working in Los Angeles in February 2015 for a US company. From there, we got engaged in November 2016 in San Diego and recently married in November 2017 in Pasadena, CA.”


Protiviti Associate Director, Madhushi, had this to say about Jen:

“I have known Jen since she was an Intern and I am honored to be her Career Advisor. Jen has been very committed to her career since day one and has excelled in every challenging situation. She is a great role model and mentor to our people and excels in client services. I am extremely proud of all her accomplishments and excited see her succeed at Protiviti in the years to come!”

Congratulations, Jen!


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