We continue to highlight examples of the work we do here at Protiviti.  These stories showcase the variety of projects that our people team together on to deliver meaningful results for our clients — and also to learn something of value in the process.

Next up in our #WorkWeDo series, Ashley, a Consultant in Charlotte, shares how her work has helped a financial services client address issues of fraud in their business.

Protiviti Career:  What was the situation?

Ashley:  “The client, which is a private bank, was under consent order to complete a growing backlog of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) alert and case investigations.”

PC:  What was our team tasked with doing?

Ashley:  “When I joined the engagement, we were tasked with investigating and reviewing a backlog of AML cases, as well as “business-as-usual” cases, alerts, and high risk customer accounts.”

PC:  What actions did we take as part of this work?

Ashley:  “We developed 3 work streams that worked diligently to clear this backlog and took the initiative to deliver above and beyond by becoming the primary driver of “business-as-usual” cases, alerts, and high risk customer accounts for the bank. ”

PC:  What was the result?

Ashley:  “Our hard work and willingness to work extra hours to help the client meet regulator expectations ultimately helped us add value in other areas of the engagement, and won us additional work with the client.  What started as 1 to 2 resources helping the bank create action plans to address their consent order has now developed into an engagement of over 50 people.

Through this work, the team has learned collaboration skills (discussing with one another to determine action to take in various situations that we are individually reviewing); patience and attention to detail in our review; and effective business writing.

For me personally, as a result of this work, I studied, tested and became a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).”

Thanks for the insights, Ashley!  Stay tuned for more glimpses into real client engagements that articulate the #WorkWeDo!

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