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Protiviti perspective provided by Stephanie, New York Senior Consultant

Over the next few weeks, we are highlighting examples of the work we do here at Protiviti.  These stories showcase the variety of projects that our people team together on to deliver meaningful results for our clients — and also to learn something of value in the process.

Next up in our #WorkWeDo series, Erin, a Consultant in Dallas, shares how her work has helped a client in the airline industry to manage its compliance efforts, and at the same time enabled her own career to take off.

Protiviti Career:  What was the situation?

Erin:  “Protiviti has been the outsourced Internal Audit department for a large airline client for over a decade. As such, we are responsible for performing a number of project workstreams including Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance.”

PC:  What was our team tasked with doing?

Erin:  “Each year, we work with the business to test SOX controls to ensure they are operating effectively.”

PC:  What actions did we take as part of this work?

Erin:  “Working as the client’s internal audit function, Protiviti performs all IT SOX compliance work. We are responsible for testing all IT General Controls and Interface Controls and creating workpapers and test sheets.”

PC:  What was the result?

Erin:  “By testing the client’s SOX controls and ensuring they are compliant, we are able to provide management with information regarding the accuracy of their financial reports to help prevent fraud.

For me personally, as a result of this work, I have established an understanding of the airline industry and the IT controls that keep our client’s financial reports accurate. I have been able to develop strong, professional relationships and have contributed more than I could have imagined only a year out of college.”

Thanks for the insights, Erin!  Stay tuned for more glimpses into real client engagements that articulate the #WorkWeDo in the weeks ahead!

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