As we count down the days until American Banker’s 15th annual “The Most Powerful Women in Banking” awards dinner, we also continue to spotlight different #ProtivitiWomenInFSI. This series will feature a variety of women, from diverse backgrounds and career perspectives. While their stories are all unique, the one thing they have in common is that they work closely with Protiviti’s financial services clients. Next up in the series is Jordan!

Jordan Moss Headshot July 2015
Jordan is a Manager in our Technology Consulting solution in Chicago
  • What was your path to Protiviti? “I started at Protiviti as an intern in 2012. I then joined full-time after completing my masters in Information Systems at Indiana University. I am now located in our Chicago office as a Manager in the Technology Consulting practice. I currently specialize in the Financial Services Industry.”
  • What is one of your most memorable FSI projects? “I would say my most memorable FSI project is also my favorite project because I truly experienced the fluidity and fast pace of the technology world within the Financial Services Industry. It was for a global insurance company and started out as a simple email migration for about 300 user accounts. However after our first few meetings, I started realizing the client was expecting much more than just the email migration. It turned out that the client’s end goal was to migrate an entire legacy data center all while they had 4-6 other migrations/ upgrades running simultaneously. To top it off, all of it needed to be strategically coordinated with one another. My role was then morphed into managing the coordination across the various migrations/upgrades, developing the migration strategy and schedules, and managing the migration and end user support teams. The timeline for the project expanded from 3 months to 2 years!”
  • What excites you the most about your work in the financial services industry? “The Financial Services Industry definitely keeps me on my toes as there are always new trends, regulations, and requirements that our clients have to stay up to date on and comply with. This means we are always learning and developing new solutions to provide in response to these changes. I find that this constant innovation is the part of my job that is fun and exciting for me.”
  • What is advice would you give to both current and future women in Financial Services to face the future with confidence? “There are two things that are key to remember.
    1). Don’t listen to stereotypes or be discouraged by them. Being a woman isn’t a weakness. In fact it is a strength! Ultimately it comes down to being prepared and having the confidence to be a part of the conversation. It’s not enough to just have a seat at the table. You have to participate and make valuable contributions to the conversation such as drawing conclusions and making decisions versus just stating the facts and letting others draw the conclusions and make the decisions for you.
    2). Don’t be afraid to try new things and get out of your comfort zone. If you are passionate about it, you can do anything!
Jordan took her own advice and tried something new this past birthday – skydiving!



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