Protiviti’s internship program is one of a kind.  In my opinion, one of the most influential components of our internship is the Intern Advisor program!  Throughout the week some of our Executive Advisors shared their “Before I was a Managing Director” stories and advice they believed our interns would benefit from. Take a look below to read some more facts about our leadership team at Protiviti!

“Before I was a Managing Director, I recognized the value in relationships and professional networking.  Throughout my career, I intentionally would get to know as many people I worked with as possible, including both client and firm team members.   This has provided me significant personal and professional opportunities during my career, including the creation of long-lasting relationships that are still strong today.  Treat everyone you come across with respect, from Executive Assistants to AP Clerks to Executives, as you never know when you will run into these folks again (both personally and professionally) and celebrate their milestones (e.g., new baby, wedding, promotion, etc.).” – Martin Nash, Tampa Managing Director


“Before I was a Managing Director and before I was a partner at Arthur Andersen, I was a mom. We had Kristy when I was a senior and Carolyn when I was a Senior Manager.  My husband, Bob, a high school teacher and head basketball coach, and I figured out how to navigate work life balance managing two hectic careers while not sacrificing nurturing our young children.  Proud to say the girls turned out great and we now have four adorable and brilliant grandchildren, Benjamin, Holly, Jack and Madison!” – Nancy Pechloff, Central Region MD, St. Louis




“Before I was an MD, I was a D.  Every level is special, so soak up the experiences unique to that level.” – Steve Wang, St. Louis MD  



Gordon Braun“Before I was an MD, I was a new Consultant in the Chicago office and that had recently graduated with an English degree and was pretty insecure about my business and technology knowledge.  I remember taking notes in every meeting and copying down a long list of accounting and IT terms in the margins that I didn’t exactly understand.  I would spend time in between meetings and other assignments studying up!” – Gordon Braun, Minneapolis Managing Director


“Before I was an MD, I was probably the longest tenured “Intern Challenge” facilitator. With the exception of 2 summers, I facilitated every challenge school since 2007. I was the proud co-recipient of the ‘2016 Tyler Chase Lifetime Achievement Award’ “  – Ana Amato, Atlanta MD



Jason Roberts“Before I was an MD, I was given an opportunity at the Manager level to build a new market in Salt Lake City while living in Sacramento. We grew this market from 1 full time resource to approximately 30. As an intern, you may be given opportunities to stretch. Take advantage of those opportunities by performing research, going above and beyond by putting in the extra time and effort, and developing solid relationships.” – Jason Roberts, Salt Lake City Managing Director


Sharon Lindstrom


“Before I was an MD, I was very involved in planning social and civic events to get employees engaged outside of work. Volunteer as a way to meet people across the office and build your network!” – Sharon Lindstrom, Chicago Managing Director




— Jillian
Dallas Campus Recruiter

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