In the midst of all our intern activities, there is another important thing happening here on the campus recruiting front – our full time consultants are starting! After graduating and enjoying some well deserved time off, they now getting ready to embark on their first of many Protiviti chapters.

In the spirit of new beginnings and making your first year count, New York Consultant, Jasmine Mina, shares her top 75 pieces of advice!

  1. First impressions last a long time.
  2. Always say yes. Be excited.
  3. Know your place.
  4. Believe nothing is beneath you.
  5. Don’t wait for someone else to replace the toner.
  6. Never complain.
  7. Do not envy.
  8. Help everyone no matter what!
  9. Do everything with enthusiasm.
  10. “I don’t know” is a good answer. “I don’t know, but I’ll find out” is even better.
  11. Knowing where to find an answer is often more important than knowing the answer.
  12. Never talk business in the elevator.
  13. Never promote yourself; let others promote you; promote others.
  14. Under promise and over deliver.
  15. Ask for deadlines.
  16. Be proactive; don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do.
  17. Know your limitations and ask for help.
  18. Give updates.
  19. Manage expectations.
  20. Know when form is more important than function and vice versa.
  21. Attention to detail is critical.
  22. Be perceptive.
  23. Listen carefully; read between the lines.
  24. Ask questions.
  25. Seek out greater opportunity and responsibility.
  26. Consider how you can add the greatest amount of value to the greatest number of people.
  27. Take a step back and attempt to think of the usual things in a new, different way.
  28. Be creative and pursue your curiosities.
  29. Investing your own money is one of the best ways to learn about the markets.
  30. Initiate projects that are of interest to you and of value to others.
  31. Quality is more important than quantity.
  32. Seek out mentors and sponsors – choose them wisely.
  33. Be teachable.
  34. Build relationships.
  35. Some of the most overlooked people are the most helpful.
  36. Treat everyone with respect.
  37. Be humble.
  38. Befriend everyone, but don’t brown nose.
  39. Make an extra effort to build relationships with those whom you find difficult.
  40. Be a sponge.
  41. If your colleagues want you to succeed, it will be difficult to fail.
  42. Never discuss your compensation with your colleagues.
  43. You reap what you sow.
  44. Build your relationships broadly.
  45. Be a relationship builder; introduce people to one another.
  46. Write thank you notes.
  47. Be reliable.
  48. Be approachable.
  49. Share information, resources and insights.
  50. If someone needs to be corrected, do it privately.
  51. Communicate effectively.
  52. Know your audience.
  53. Be concise.
  54. Utilize technology.
  55. The candidates you recommend reflect on you.
  56. Appearances are important.
  57. Keep a toothbrush and toothpaste in your desk.
  58. Nothing substitutes for a good night’s rest.
  59. It is much easier to dress inappropriately on casual day.
  60. Unethical behavior is unforgivable.
  61. If you see something suspicious, tell someone about it.
  62. Know and practice compliance procedures.
  63. Be honest with your colleagues and yourself.
  64. Live a balanced life.
  65. A successful life is more important than a successful career.
  66. Set your priorities and have the discipline to live by them.
  67. Care for your family.
  68. Refresh your Microsoft skills.
  69. Always double check your work.
  70. Take ownership.
  71. Be a strategist.
  72. Make mistakes and learn from them.
  73. Leverage your resources.
  74. Communicate with management.
  75. Be a team player.
Jasmine & some of her peers at TCC!
Some of the New York Consultants at a client event in the Big Apple!

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