Pride month is more than just a celebration; it is an opportunity to create awareness of LGBTQIA+ issues in our communities and to build allies. At Protiviti we continue to strive to create a diverse and inclusive company culture. We celebrate our differences and aim to depict the full breadth of the human experience, both inside the walls of our offices, with our clients, and in our local communities. For generations, the LGBTQIA+ community have helped to shape and strengthen the diverse fabric of the world. They have waged a courageous fight for dignity and respect and as a result, built a more diverse and tolerant society. I am proud that Protiviti has joined the LGBTQIA+ community in celebrating Pride Month in June and the remarkable progress that has been made in the areas of social justice and equal rights.

Here is a list of events, activities, and changes taking place in the month of June and coming months at Protiviti:

  • We have shared ribbons with all US and global offices that have expressed interest to support LGBTQIA+ community as well as to celebrate Pride Month.
  • We have rebranded from proLGBTA to ProPride to be more inclusive and align with our international LGBTQIA+ initiatives.  The new logo is shown here.
  • We will have six bi-weekly spotlights/blog posts here on this blog that feature our LGBTQIA+ and ally professionals from around the world.
  • We are hosting events for Pride in the City with theme of “Face the Future with Confidence” in London (London LGBTQIA+ and ally networking event created by Protiviti – UK).  The date for this event is September 13th.
  • We are joining Robert Half as a sponsor of the Out & Equal conference and sending a contingency the event in Philadelphia in October.
  • We are partnering with Robert Half to submit our response HRC’s Corporate Equality Index.  Last year Robert Half and Protiviti received a perfect score of 100!

Celebrating one’s identity is a year-long process that goes beyond the Pride Month. Protiviti’s continued support in June and throughout the year reflects the firm’s long-term commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community.


— Philip Maziarz 
New York Managing Director


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