It’s hard to believe but day 2 has already come to a close. It has been a busy day for our interns as they continued working on their client. Today they focused specifically on Protiviti’s Client Promise Listen To You.

The day kicked off with President and CEO Joe Tarantino addressing our interns. He told the story of his background, how Protiviti started and answered one on one questions from interns. 

There was a lot of work to be done during today’s sessions, however we couldn’t get through college t-shirt day without taking at least one group photo in our college colors.

Later in the afternoon members of our executive and leadership team joined us for our annual leadership breakouts. Interns had the opportunity to rotate from classroom to classroom in 30 minute blocks and hear from different individuals. You can see a live stream of tweets from these leadership blocks on the Protiviti Careers twitter account.

This evening our interns will get to experience our People Promise, Exceptional Development Opportunities first hand by spending the night networking with members of our executive and leadership teams. Follow us on Snapchat for live coverage of the event!

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