Day 1 here in Orlando was a smashing success! We heard from three of our company’s leaders and our interns successfully survived their first full day of orientation. So, how do you celebrate a successful day 1? With The Amazing Chase of course!!

The Amazing Chase kicked off with our interns breaking up into small teams which were identified by different colored bandannas. Each team was given a list of tasks and activities that they could complete for coins. They were told that the team with the most coins at the end of the night would win. After a few quick guidelines and rules, the teams were off to complete their tasks!

Some tasks were mind benders that required a little bit of problem solving and thinking outside of the box….
..While others were more athletic. They could only be completed with teamwork and skill. Of course some tasks were less officially and only needed a smile and good photo prop.

At the end of the night, our teams anxiously awaited as the results were tallied. 3rd place went to team orange, 2nd place went to royal blue, but the winner was….

Congratulations to team beige on their well deserved victory! Now it’s time to kick off day 2 of Intern Orientation. Stay tuned!!

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