Here at Protiviti, we believe accepting and supporting each of our colleagues is vital to our success, and we encourage our people to seek opportunities to connect both inside and outside Protiviti. In this spirit, a team of Protiviti employees recently attended the Out and Equal Summit in Orlando, FL. Despite Hurricane Matthew’s best efforts to steal the show, our team had an incredible experience. Over the next few weeks, we are spotlighting individuals who attended this conference. Kicking us off is the co-founder of Protiviti’s LGBTA group, Patrick!

Patrick is a Senior Consultant in Dallas.
  1. What was your path to Protiviti? “I went to the University of Oklahoma; I majored in Finance and Accounting with a minor in MIS. I started with Protiviti in August 2012 right after graduating.”
  2. Since joining the firm, what has your journey been like? “My journey with Protiviti has been nothing short of amazing. I have been in three different practices (IT Audit, Internal Audit, and Business Performance Improvement) and worked in a lot of different industries (Energy, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Medical Device, Consumer Goods, Insurance and Software, to name a few). I had great support when I co-founded proLGBTA, Protiviti’s LGBT and ally employee network group. Each year our network has been able to recruit more members and receive more investments from the firm. Protiviti’s support has allowed our team to learn and bring leading practices for growing and sustaining a global employee network group. For all of the aforementioned, I am immensely grateful.”
  3. What was your experience at the Out and Equal conference? “The conference has always been full of cutting-edge information and a great opportunity to network with our current clients as well as new potential clients. With Hurricane Matthew, we were afraid that this year would not be as good as previous years; however, we ultimately had a great conference. I personally learned a ton about transgender and Asian American LGBT challenges and tactics for solving such challenges. I am excited to discuss it with the firm’s leadership and hope to be able to implement some of it at Protiviti to further improve our diversity and inclusion efforts.”
  4. Why was attending this conference important or meaningful to you? “As a global employee network group at Protiviti, my board members, members, and I work with one another remotely. It is a cherished opportunity for the team to get together and build our relationships. In addition, the conference’s changing and wide variety of workshops never failed to show me how much more I have to learn.”
Protiviti partnered with our parent company, Robert Half, to have a booth at the Out & Equal Summit. Pictured above is the Protiviti / Robert Half Team!


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