We are thrilled to announce that Consulting magazine has named us as a recipient of their “Excellence in Social & Community Investment Award” for the 3rd annual year. This award is given for outstanding social and community investment and engagement.

In 2014, Protiviti received the award from Consulting magazine for its inaugural U.S. Intern Day of Service. In 2015, the firm received the same award for its i on Hunger program, an initiative which has provided more than three million meals for those struggling with hunger across the globe. This year, the award was given for our CommUnity scholarship program.

Several students and Protiviti employees at the Protiviti Annual Summer Scholar Dinner

Protiviti’s CommUnity scholarship program was founded in 2005 in Chicago with the aim of supporting promising students in some of the city’s most economically challenged neighborhoods. Every year, Protiviti Chicago employees raise enough money to select two outstanding students in need from local high schools for a renewable college scholarship as well as continue to support recipients going through their sophomore, junior and senior years of college. Since it started, Protiviti Chicago’s scholarship program has seen 11 students graduate from college, with another nine currently in college. Several graduates have extended their educational pursuits, earning masters’ degrees, and Protiviti’s very first scholar graduated with a doctorate degree in 2015 and is now a professor. Inspired by their Chicago colleagues, Protiviti employees in Atlanta and Washington D.C. have now started a similar program.

The idea for the CommUnity scholarship program originated with Chicago Managing Director Sharon Lindstrom. Outside of work, she serves on the board of the Chicago-based non-profit organization Umoja Student Development, which is dedicated to helping young people succeed in high school and beyond. On learning of the award, Sharon said, “Our employees teamed together 11 years ago to support under-resourced high school students with the aptitude and dream of a college education. Since then, our people have raised over $400,000 and have been providing mentorship throughout the winning students’ college years. We’re immensely proud of the success of our students and look forward to supporting many more.”

From left to right, Chicago Managing Director Sharon, Tinia (one of our newest scholars) and Chicago Consultant Dani at Tinia’s graduation

Protiviti President and CEO Joe Tarantino added, “We’re proud to be recognized with this award, which acknowledges the grass roots efforts of our employees to improve the lives of those around them.”

Senior Manager Carly said “Being involved in the CommUnity Scholarship Program has been an extremely rewarding experience. I have loved getting to know our scholars and having the opportunity to provide them financial support as well as guidance as they transition from high school to college. Our scholars continue to tell us how important the scholarship and program is to them and it has been incredible being a part of that.”

Congratulations to our entire firm and specifically our Chicago Office on such an outstanding honor!

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