Over the past few months we have shown many different parts of our US Intern Program. From the intern’s first day of The Intern Challenge to their final farewell, we have seen community service events, baseball games and everything in-between. However, you may not have realized that our intern program, much like Protiviti, is global! We hire students studying and attending graduate programs in Australia, The United Kingdom and Japan as local interns to ensure we continue to make an international impact on all of our clients.

So what is an internship in another country like? We asked our international intern leads to tell us more!

Like their US colleagues, our international interns had the opportunity to experience meaningful and challenging assignments. They worked in a variety of areas including IT governance, manufacturing, the financial services industry and medical technology. They helped with process mapping, internal audit testing plans, client meetings, project management support, assisting in proposals, language translation, risk mapping and much more! One of our Australian interns said, “I loved doing real work for real clients.  It allowed us to develop faster and to understand Protiviti’s business offering very clearly”.

The summer wasn’t all work, though. Between happy hours with leadership, celebrating midyear promotions (aka #ProtivitiPromos), case studies, office trainings, and industry specific round tables, our interns were able to experience the culture and personality of their local Protiviti offices. One intern simply said “I love Protiviti!!”.

Japan 1
Our intern in Japan enjoyed an event with their local office

We cannot believe school is already starting back up. We look forward to seeing each of you on campus this fall and are already counting down the days until our 2017 Intern Program kicks off!

Some of our Australian interns at the Graduate and Intern Conference at Peppers Soul on the Gold Coast

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