In a city the size of LA, it is nearly impossible to avoid crowds. People of all colors, genders and backgrounds surround us and leave us with new questions. It is in those moments that we realize we will never gain what life has to offer from our experience alone. It’s the interactions, communication, and connection with every colleague and stranger that will allow for the richness we may seek.

Protiviti values that integration, as I have discovered from being apart of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. On The Intern Day of Service, the LA Office made room for the clashing of ethnicities by bringing an array of food. We had Korean sushi, vegetable biryani, crab fried rice, meatballs, curry, collard greens, bean dip and veggie skewers- just to name a few. We stretched food boundaries, got to know our colleague’s hidden cooking skills and simply enjoyed a delicious meal.

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On the same day, we gathered in the Collaboration Space to hear some of our female Managing Directors, Directors, Senior Managers, and Managers speak. More review comments on our work?? No, not today. We heard from these leaders as friends. They spoke on the Women’s Professional Panel, a one hour session for questions and answers about women in the workplace. They told us we should be confident, outspoken and proactive, and also allow room for flexibility in our career. We should welcome challenges as they make us grow and know that a community exists to support us. They said good leaders facilitate open communication and empower their team members to think and lead.

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I really enjoyed hearing our leaders share their insights in such an open space. Between that and the potluck of different cultures, it was a great way to bridge our personal lives with our work lives.

-Monica S
Los Angeles Senior Consultant

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  1. Monica, thank you very much for your coverage and insights on the events! Your participation and drive on the D&I Committee is much appreciated!

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