Recently, Protiviti’s publication Internal Auditing Around the World  was featured in an article by Accounting Today. The article focused on our 12th edition of this annual publication and how we took a bit of a different approach. The change? In addition to a focus around technology in auditing, all 22 leaders being featured in the publication are female.

“The internal audit profession isn’t necessarily moving any faster than the rest of the business world in opening up more roles for women,” says Accounting Today author Michael Cohn. However, Protiviti has maintained a continued focus and emphasis on the importance of having a diverse workforce. With programs such as iGroww, flexible working arrangements and The Protiviti Parents’ Network, we are working hard to ensure our parents have the same success in their careers as they do at home.

The article continues on by featuring New York Protiviti Managing Director Chris W. Chris, who states, “I don’t know that it’s a pattern that’s emerging in internal audit any differently than anywhere else… In the business environment globally, that is a trend across all industries and service lines broadly. We decided to make it an area of focus this year because of the way we objectively gathered some of the best case studies we could and saw the trends this year being one where perhaps we could focus in on that as well. Clearly every diversity and inclusion report you see where folks are being audited for that, either internally or externally or by the investor groups, there is an interest and a need to see more companies look like the markets they serve. Whatever kind of diversity that implies, whether it’s gender or other, I think you’re seeing an emphasis on it because it’s an important thing to do.”.

We completely agree and look to forward to learning more about changing trends in today’s work force! To read the complete article, click here.

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