Twice a year, we take some time to celebrate the individuals who were recently promoted to new career levels across the organization. Last week kicked off that celebration by dedicating some time to honor our recent promotions! Throughout the remainder of this month, we will spotlight several of those professionals through a “Protiviti Promos” series that will celebrate this career milestone.  A career promotion is a testament to an individual’s hard work and success.  What does success look like at Protiviti?  I bet Zach can tell us!

Protiviti Promotion Spotlight: Zach

Zach, now a Senior Consultant, works in Internal Audit Financial Advisory in Philadelphia
Zach, now a Senior Consultant, works in Internal Audit Financial Advisory in Philadelphia
  • Years at Protiviti: “2 years”
  • Path to Protiviti: “My situation was a little unique. I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Economics in 2012. Upon graduating, I was selected to work with Teach for America as a high school math teacher in the Baltimore City School District. I taught for 2 years in the classroom, obtaining my teaching certificate with the state of Maryland and Master of Science in Education Studies. After 2 years, I reached out to the Washington DC campus recruiter about an internship opportunity during summer 2013. I got the internship and then began full time as a Consultant in the Metro-DC office in summer 2014. I transferred to the Philadelphia office in January 2015 and have been here ever since. ”
  • Current Solution and/or Industry focus: “I work in Internal Audit & Financial Advisory with a focus on Financial Services. My clients are mostly in manufacturing & distribution, real estate and financial services.”
  • What do you enjoy about building your career at Protiviti? “I’ve been fortunate in my time at Protiviti to truly experience a breadth of clients and industries. I believe this experience has been foundational to my career. I now have a much better understanding of the industries I would like to focus on and strong relationships with the individuals I work closely with on key clients. Furthermore, my schedule changed suddenly at times, causing me to adjust my plan for the week (or coming weeks), or a client had a sudden request requiring a brief shift of focus. Learning how to adapt and respond quickly to change has always been a key focus of mine, and Protiviti has given me a ton of experience in adapting to both client and scheduling changes.”
  • Who has played a critical role in your development and how? “I think there have been a few people who at different times provided critical knowledge or career advice to me. I think the Philadelphia office has a great senior and consultant level advisory committee which has been a great resource in my time as a member of that organization.”
  • What inspires you outside of work? “I enjoy getting the opportunity to play on multiple recreational sport teams as a part of the Philadelphia Sport & Social League (PSSL) – Softball, Kickball and Basketball. I also volunteer when I can at SHARE (Food Resource Organization). My favorite summer sport is Golf.”
  • How are you celebrating or commemorating this important career milestone? “I went back home to Pittsburgh and had a cookout with my family and girlfriend.”
See photo attached. The photo was of my our group of friends from HS at our friend Ryan's bachelor party in Vegas (we saw the Hoover Dam one day). 2nd farthest to the right (seafoam long sleeve)
2nd from the right, Zach is pictured above with a group of friends from high school on a recent trip to Vegas.

Congratulations to Zach and to all our #ProtivitiPromos!

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