Here at Protiviti, we believe in the power of a strong mentor. Someone who can help shape and guide your career, be your advocate and cheerleader for those big professional goals, and act as a role model to craft your professional story. That’s why each of our campus hires, including our interns, receives multiple mentors at different levels within the company.

This week, we are celebrating our Executive Advisors and the role they play in our interns’ experience. Next up in our series is Nichole!

Nicole is an Internal Audit Financial Advisory Director in our Phoenix office
Nichole is an Internal Audit Financial Advisory Managing Director in our Phoenix office
  • Years at Protiviti – “I am a founding member, going on 14 years.”
  • Path to Protiviti – “I started a love of accounting in high school and carried that through to Northern Arizona University where I received a BS in Accounting. I was able to land an internship at Arthur Andersen and ultimately a full-time offer in the external audit practice.  After dabbling in Internal Audit, I made the permanent transition to the group shortly before Arthur Andersen Internal Audit became Protiviti.”
  • Current Solution and/or Industry focus – “Internal Audit Financial Advisory”
  • Why is being a mentor important to you? – “Mentoring is one of my favorite things to do. Mentors are your biggest advocate and will put in significant efforts to help their mentees succeed even if it means having tough conversations about improvement.  I have had some great mentors in my career, so I know how valuable and necessary this role is.  My goal is to provide perspective, valuable feedback and a good example to my mentees and broader team.  There is no greater feeling than supporting someone and watching them succeed!”
  • What is one meaningful moment you have had as a mentor or mentee? – “Throughout my career I have grown my network both internally and externally and that included having some really great mentors. One of my memorable moments was an external mentor who provided me with some positive feedback which gave me an additional boost of confidence I needed to take on a new challenge.  My internal mentors then supported me and I was ultimately successful and moved on to even more opportunities and challenges.  My success was based on my hard work and commitment but my mentors made sure I wasn’t alone and I had the support and tools I needed.”
  • What is one piece of advice you’d give our interns? – “Network! Network with your team members at all levels.  Find out what their career at Protiviti (and prior) has been like, what are their most significant successes and lessons learned.  Having a quality network is important but the perspectives you get from this network is invaluable.”


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