Day 3 of the Intern Challenge kicked off with a different flavor. Six members from our Leadership Team, including 5 Executive Team members, led individual breakouts on several different topics. Interns spent the morning rotating between the various sessions and learning about topics like “Keys to a Successful Internship” or “What G2E means to me”.

Brian Christensen speaking to a group of our Interns on “Keys to a Successful Internship”

After 4 rotations, our interns moved into the morning where they learned about testing and writing test plans. The afternoon quickly turned into sampling and good document protocol and before we knew it, it was 5 o’clock. The day wrapped with a presentation from facilitators Ana, Marcus, and Kim on Protiviti’s promise to be a Global, Collaborative, and Diverse Workplace.

Carol Raimo spoke on “Women in the Workplace”

Following our wrap up meeting, the interns enjoyed a well-deserved night off. There is still a lot to do for our Intern Challenge client, Green Chic, and only 2 more days to do it! Stayed turned to see how the rest of Intern Challenge (including the ‘Tiv awards) goes!


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