The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in January 2014 the median tenure of an employee to be 4.6 years; a 2016 Gallup poll revealed that 21% of millennials have changed jobs within the past year; and according to a 2012 Future Workplace survey, 91% of millennials expect to stay in a job for less than 3 years.  Statistics like these showcase the changing dynamics in the workforce, and employees’ readiness to change jobs when they feel it necessary.  They also happen to draw negative connotations related to the generation of our newest consultants’ regarding egotism, disloyalty, and opportunism.  Glasses that are half empty can always be half full – that’s where we identify the opportunity to cultivate.

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Day two of our second week at The Intern Challenge started with a speech by our CEO, Joe Tarantino.  “Our model is not just about starting but building a career,” stated Joe resolutely.  We promise to our people, Exceptional Development Opportunities, and the internship stands as a symbol of that promise.

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Like running drills before a big match or jamming before a show, to develop means to hustle, and oh man, did we hustle.  The day was jam packed with developing process maps, issue logs, and a risk control matrix.  They even had an interview with a mock client, which provided the interns with a sample of what it would be like on a client.  We also ran through a DiSC assessment to help interns better understand themselves, each other, and the way we communicate.

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After 8 hours of case study learning, we were all hungry and thirsty, and nothing makes it sweeter than a hard day of work.  Fortunately, we had an executive / intern networking session planned for the evening.  Simultaneous to The Intern Challenge, there was a training for all the newly promoted and hired Managing Directors.  Nothing exemplified our intent to develop and cultivate talent more than the interweaving of those at the very beginning of their career with those at the very top.  No matter the benchmark, we find the importance of continuous learning, and after a long day of training, both groups come together to break bread and build relationships.

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