The Intern Challenge is officially underway! This is one of my favorite weeks and I look forward to it all year long. Like a kid attending camp, I spend weeks anticipating the day we finally get here! The months leading up to this moment involve an army of campus recruiters, HR team members, resource management and a whole handful of others. We plan, strategize and #workworkworkworkwork until the day comes that we finally hop on that plane towards the beautiful city of Orlando!


Day 1 came quickly after a night of registration and introductions. Our fearless HR leader, Elaine Poucher, kicked off the day with a presentation highlighting Protiviti. She hit on three key terms that help define Protiviti – 1) Inspiration, 2) Promises and 3) Exceptional.


Following Elaine’s presentation, our interns moved into their breakout classrooms and orientation officially began! They received their new laptops and learned about iShare, their professional brands, and a few other key items. These topics were covered in small teams and involved a couple snack and photo breaks.


The workday wrapped up with our first MD presentation. Tyler Chase from Houston, TX walked our group through developing High Impact people. With an activity involving a pig and a few good laughs, he set the stage for the rest of the week.


The night wrapped up with an adventure like none other. Our interns broke into small teams and competed in the Amazing Chase! Competing in physical challenges and working through mind-bending riddles, our teams ran through the hotel trying to determine who would truly be the champion.  Team Zebra ended up taking home the gold, but the true winners were those that embraced the amazing desserts… okay, just kidding – it’s the new friends that they made.

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Stay tuned this week! We will be providing updates on all of the exceptional things that are happening!


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