MS 150

Earlier this month, Protiviti’s Houston office participated in a 2 day/150 mile bike ride from Houston to Austin. This annual ride, known as the MS 150, is a public effort to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. Each year the entire Houston office gets involved by either participating as a rider or volunteering at one of the lunch stops.

Day 1 came pretty early for most of the team as the alarm clocks started ringing at 5:00am.  With most of the riders leaving Houston just before 7:00am, they quickly reached the Protiviti lunch stop in Industry, TX.  They were greeted by the Protiviti volunteer team with cold drinks, sandwiches, burgers and snacks.

Lunch Stop

After a quick break, the team rolled out of Industry to finish their day 1 trek. After almost 82 miles, they made it to their overnight stop in LaGrange, TX. In LaGrange our riders received some cold drinks and delicious barbeque, compliments of our partner company Vantage Drilling. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had a few plans of her own. By that evening, massive rains and floods started to take over Texas and sadly day 2 of the ride was rained out.

Even though our teams didn’t get to complete day 2, our 27 riders raised almost $37,000 which far surpassed the team’s initial goal of $30,000! Over the coming weeks, the Protiviti riders and volunteers will log in their time with Dollars for Doers. For every dollar donated and hour volunteered Protiviti will donate funds to match our employees’ time and money raised. These additional donations should push the total amount raised to just over $45,000!


Congratulations to all of our riders on a job well done!

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