At Protiviti, everyone has the potential to be a champion.  A champion is an employee who serves as a role model or advocate for an initiative within the organization.  Through our champions, we have been able to strengthen our connections to one another, to work more effectively, build a better culture and do work that is meaningful.  Our champions are part of the reason Protiviti is truly a great place to work.

Being a champion is a source of pride for our people, and it is a clear way to have an impact.  Take Nirav as an example.

Protiviti Champions Spotlight: Nirav 

Nirav is a Director in the Chicago Office
Nirav is a Director in the Chicago Office
  • Years at Protiviti – “I will be celebrating my 13 year anniversary on September 8, 2016”
  • Path to Protiviti – “I was part of Protiviti’s first class of campus hires!”
  • Current Solution and/or Industry focus – “Risk and Compliance, Financial Services Industry”
  • What is your role as a champion? – “I am currently an Innovation Champion for our Global Innovation team, and also part of our Chicago office Innovation team.”
  • Why is that role important to you? Protiviti? –  “The role and being a part of Innovation is important to me because I am always looking for fresh perspectives and ideas on how to improve Protiviti’s client delivery and execution, ideas on how to implement Protiviti’s strategic cornerstones, and ideas to build my own leadership capabilities.  I think in work it is easy to get into a routine where one believes that way they are doing something today is the “best way” because “that’s the way we have always done it.”  Challenging ourselves to improve by listening to ideas from people who have different backgrounds and work in other industries is a great way to challenge the status quo.  I think the role is important to Protiviti because I believe very strongly that the best way for a company to grow is to embrace the diversity of thought that comes from the people it employs.”
  • What is one meaningful moment you have experienced as a champion? – “Part of my role is to pass on ideas that we crowdsource. In my role as a local innovation champion, we have seen these ideas turn into value add events and solutions for Protiviti.  In one example, someone brought up the idea that we need to do a better job sharing our individual templates/tools that make our work and lives easier.  This led to a work/life hack competition event we had in Chicago which people from many solutions shared their best work life hacks – submissions included sharing time/expense tracking templates, Outlook searching tips and tricks, identifying apps to make travel easier, and tips for getting better sleep, being better organized, and getting more productivity out of the workday.”
  • What is one thing you hope to accomplish in your role as a champion? – “I want to see through several ideas that were generated by Protiviti personnel from the incubation stage to implementation, and be able to quantify the value it has provided the company.  Stay tuned, because we have some really impactful solutions that could help solve some real business needs that Protiviti faces in our local and global innovation pipeline.”
Pictured above is a selfie of Nirav with his son Rayan and daughter Anika
Pictured above is a selfie of Nirav with his son Rayan and daughter Anika

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