As we kick off a brand new year, here at Protiviti we take some time to celebrate individuals who were recently promoted to new career levels across the organization.  This month, we will spotlight many of those professionals through a “Protiviti Promos” series that will celebrate this career milestone.  A career promotion is a testament to an individual’s hard work and success.  What is the recipe for success at Protiviti?  Brandy can tell us.

Protiviti Promotion Spotlight: Brandy

Brandy 1
Brandy, now a Manager
  • Years at Protiviti: 4.5
  • Path to Protiviti:  I was a campus hire as an intern and started full-time upon graduation. I have been with the company ever since!
  • Current Area of Focus:  I work in our Internal Audit and Financial Advisory, IT Audit and Consulting practices here in Protiviti’s Boston office.
  • What do you enjoy about building your career at Protiviti?   Protiviti offers a great toolkit for you to build your own career as fast, as slow, as wide or as high as you want. Protiviti has so many resources to leverage in developing yourself professionally. I really appreciate the open door policy with members of management and I appreciate the buddy and career advisor relationships. I really like how hard work is recognized and rewarded.
  • Who has played a critical role in your development and how?   My boss Carl, who started at Protiviti as a consultant and is now a Managing Director (MD). His respect for the work he does and the team members who support all the work the Boston office does is inspiring. There is one story that stays with me. When I was a consultant, I was experiencing a terrible project and I was very concerned that we were falling significantly behind. Scared and nervous, I went to Carl and told him all the conflicts and issues I was facing. He thanked me for the open and honest feedback. He rolled up his sleeves, ordered dinner into the office and together we were able to catch up on the project. He treated me like a peer and wasn’t above helping with testing and documenting results. Carl consistently challenges me to be a better consultant and I am where I am today thanks to his continual support.
  • What inspires you outside of work?   Nature and Baking. Outside of work I love going for walks and hikes in the woods and nature reserves. I like baking cookies and other sweets from scratch.
  • How are you celebrating or commemorating this important career milestone?   I treated myself to two Kate Spade bags and a Kate Spade bracelet.
brandy 2
A sampling of sweets that Brandy recently made for the holidays #yum

Congratulations to Brandy and to all our #ProtivitiPromos!

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