Finance Museum Group Picture

Last week, a group of interns from our New York office who are part of our Risk and Compliance team traveled to the financial district to visit the Museum of American Finance. The museum hosts exhibits of the financial markets, currency through the ages, an Alexander Hamilton room and more! Learning about financial history through the interactive exhibits gave the interns a glimpse into America’s past.

The museum pays tribute to Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of Treasury, since he created the United States central banking system. In the Alexander Hamilton gallery there are documents signed by Hamilton, works published by him and currency dedicated to him. One of the most interesting pieces on display is the world’s most expensive Monopoly set. Sculpted of solid gold and encrusted with diamonds, rubies and sapphires, this $2 million Monopoly set was a sight to behold.

The financial market exhibit showed the first stock and bond certificates ever created. Since these certificates were made by hand, each certificate was intricately crafted so that it could not be counterfeited. The gallery illustrated the history of the stock market and how American markets grew as a result of technological innovations. The currency display was interesting because it contained hundreds of different bills from throughout history. The interns thoroughly enjoyed learning about America’s financial history at the Museum of American Finance and were excited to see firsthand many items they had only read about in their textbooks.

Protiviti is a corporate sponsor of the museum, and recently, Managing Director and Global Financial Services Lead Cory Gunderson was welcomed to join its board. Aside from the corporate sponsorship we hold (which offers benefits to our employees and underscores the museum’s mission to promote financial literacy among New York City’s youth), we also collaborate on a number of other events throughout the year. All of our employees eceive free admission to the museum and museum shop discounts for memorabilia.


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