Let me just start by saying, I want to be an Intern. Back when I was an Intern in ’11 (see, I’m not THAT old!), coffee runs, work on the weekend and not having fun were a real thing. Honestly, if you have a few hours and sit in the New York office, you can stop by to hear some of my experiences as an Intern for a start-up company. You will be wondering how I made it out alive.

Enough about me though…I want to share some of the cool things that my offices have had their Interns doing over the past few days!

Six Flags

Today, the Metro DC & Baltimore Interns headed to Six Flags to enjoy the rides, eat churros, and get really bad farmers’ tans.

Look at the excitement on their faces….

Six Flags 2

As if the above wasn’t giving me enough FOMO (fear of missing out), the Philadelphia Interns went to a Phillies game last night! As I sat on my couch watching Pretty Little Liars and eating ice cream, I received these selfies:

Phillies1 Phillies2

So tell me, what does a recruiter need to do to become an Intern?

– Cait

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