Protiviti’s Advisor Program is a key part of our employees’ career development. It’s one of the ways we promise to give our people Exceptional Development Opportunities. At Protiviti, we work hard to ensure that each employee has a network of individuals within the organization who help drive their career through advice, mentoring, and ultimately sponsorship.

Each professional has 3 levels of advisors to help him or her achieve goals:

Peer Advisors tend to be at the same career level as a new hire entering the firm. They share tips, tricks, and best practices with new Protiviti employees.  They play an important role in helping our new hires transition into Protiviti by welcoming them and answering any questions the new hire may have. How does per diem work again? Which food truck has the best Korean fusion tacos? What’s appropriate to wear at the client-site? How do I reserve a conference room in the office? The peer advisor knows all the answers and is happy to help!

One of the most strategic relationships our employees enjoy at Protiviti is the one they build with a Career Advisor. Career Advisors are manager-level employees who have a large responsibility in a professional’s career path.  Career Advisors help their advisee identify opportunities to develop and grow. They help define appropriate goals and advise on project experiences and skills that will help their advisee develop; overall, they are an advocate for the advisee’s career development.

Our leadership team prides itself on being accessible to every employee. For that reason, every employee has an Executive Advisor. An Executive Advisor is a Director or Managing Director who supports their advisee by meeting regularly to check on the progress in reaching the advisee’s  goals. They help to define the “big picture” of what a career at Protiviti can mean and provide advice given the success and perspective they have achieved at this point in their careers.

Those are the roles — but how do we articulate the value of our unique Advisor Program? Like so many other things, our people describe this program best!

“I have truly enjoyed and benefited from the Advisor Program.  It’s so great knowing from the very beginning that you have someone “on your team” willing and excited to help you steer your career in the direction you would like to go.” – Shannon, Experienced Consultant

“From the moment I was first contacted by my peer advisor, I knew that this was a company that cared a lot about their people. It was comforting to know that the company I was going to work for thought of me as an individual who they value so much that they would assign not one but THREE advisors from different levels within the company to support me as I start my journey as a Protiviti employee.”   — Valerie, Intern

“The advisor program was the dark horse of the internship for me — I didn’t know anything about it and it turned out to be one of the best parts of my experience.  My advisors made me feel welcome and gave me a bigger picture of what Protiviti is all about: developing people and working together across levels to solve problems for the clients.” – Shannon, Intern

“I have enjoyed getting to know and work with my advisees and the other interns — in the office, out of the office, riding a Segway, eating Thai food, getting coffee, packing meals for i On Hunger etc. I am grateful for their contributions on my projects and I always end up more aware of the things I like about Protiviti when I am put in the position to explain why I like working at Protiviti, a key topic when engaging with an advisee.” –  Mike, Director

“I developed a relationship with my career advisor, so I was comfortable discussing my development points.  I wanted to be promoted, so I really looked to my advisor for help. My advisor had gone through similar experiences and provided me with insights in how I could improve my performance. I was recently promoted, and I’m really glad that my advisor helped me to reach this goal.” – Ron, Senior Consultant

Whether an official advisor or an informal mentor, a peer or a friend, finding people to help advocate for your career growth is one of the many ways that our people build their careers at Protiviti.

-Elizabeth & Kiristen

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