NYC Welcome

On Wednesday, June 24th the NY interns along with several professionals participated in the Escape the Room NYC Challenge. Many of us had no idea what to expect, which ended up being beneficial to the overall experience we then had. The challenge required a significant amount of communication and teamwork in order to successfully escape the room within the hour time period we were provided. The rules of the game were explained and we understood that there were many clues that would direct us towards finding the key that would unlock the door. Once the timer began, everyone immediately scanned the room for where potential clues may have been hidden and shortly after we began discovering clues at a rapid pace; some were needed right away and others were duly noted in case they were needed as the challenge progressed. With one clue after another leading each team closer to escaping the room, cheers of excitement grew louder and louder until eventually each team unlocked the door and successfully escaped the room. The event was the perfect combination of fun, stressful, and exhilarating and definitely something many of us would like to do again. Unfortunately there’s not too much detail about the event we can give away without ruining the experience; it’s just one of those events that the less you know about it, the more exciting it will be!

– Tom B. (NYC Intern)

NYC Welcome 2

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