Last night at 8:13PM, the 1 millionth meal was packed! The packing effort, made up of the Protiviti Interns, the entire Executive Team, and employees at all levels, helped us to achieve and surpass our goal.  As part of Protiviti’s I on Hunger initiative, the 1 Million Meals benchmark was a crowning achievement for an effort that brought offices and clients together outside of the workplace and gave back to those in need.  There’s a fair amount of press coming from a variety of channels regarding this achievement, but here are some of our reflections:

Competition at Protiviti is healthy, especially when the challenge is getting steps on your pedometer.


Leadership has no problem joining in on the fun.DSC_0123

We have a range of singers, good and bad, but it’s not correlated with the level of effort.  Watch out Karaoke bars!


When work needs to be done, we can be serious.


Process innovation comes in a variety of ways.


Dancing is not only always allowed, it’s encouraged.


Balloons are always a ton of fun… unless you’re Kristen, then you’re just afraid.


Over 100,000 meals were packed last night, setting us up to be well over the original benchmark of 1 million! Other meal packing events are scheduled to continue around the globe and we can only hope that everyone has as much fun as we did!

– Eujin

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