Larry Scholar

Meet Larry, a Protiviti Scholar and new graduate of the University of Illinois

Now is the season for graduation — a time to celebrate the achievements of hard-working students across the country.  This time of year creates a great sense of pride for anyone who works with students.  I consider myself a member of that group and am proud every time Protiviti hires a rising star.  While I won’t attempt to say what others can communicate more eloquently in commencement speeches, I will say this:

It is easy to say that life gets more complicated when you graduate, and many of us like to use the term “the real world” to describe what you are about to enter.  But let’s get really real.  You have already struggled against obstacles, overcome challenges and accomplished milestones that have defined your life to this point.  You aren’t joining a new world so much as taking every lesson you have learned, everything you have worked to achieve, every failure that has developed you further, and applying all of that forward.  At commencement ceremonies, we like to tell you that this is a beginning, but truly it is a continuation of something that you have already established.  Call it your identity, call it your adulthood, but whatever name you give it, be confident that it has already begun — and know that we look forward to seeing where you take it next.

Congratulations to Larry and all our graduates!


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