Did we not just celebrate New Year’s? Really, where has 2015 gone!? Time really flies, but I think I speak for the entire Campus Recruiting Team and everyone here at Protiviti when I say we are SO excited for the 2015 Intern class to be starting in less than one month. Although I did not Intern here at Protiviti (insert sad emoji), I do remember the anticipation of beginning my first internship very well. While I was excited, I was also extremely curious! So for those of you who are curious, I present you with “Intern Advice” spoken from those who know Protiviti’s Internship best, our former Interns!

7 Pieces of Advice from our Former Protiviti Interns:

  • Be proactive. “It’s not called Protiviti for no reason – be PROacTIVe” – Zach W., Philadelphia
  • Put yourself outside of your comfort zone. “Make yourself uncomfortable and say yes to every opportunity to connect with others.” – Brent P., Dallas
  • Brush up on your skills. “Knowing how to zip a file and do a successful v-lookup is way more valuable than you could imagine.” – Tara F., New York
  • Be inquisitive. “Ask questions early and often” – Roger Z., Houston
  • Network, network, network. “Work hard, but play hard too! The information taught at The Intern Challenge is very important, but it’s just as important to network and have fun with your fellow colleagues to establish lasting relationships” – Tom W., Philadelphia
  • Be eager. “When you don’t have work to do, be proactive and ask what you can help out with in your free time.” – Graham H., Metro DC
  • Prepare for snacks. “Bring your Thanksgiving pants to The Intern Challenge, because you will eat….A LOT.”– Tara F., New York

Now that I’m watering at the mouth thinking about the breakfast burritos and snacks (thanks Tara!), I will leave you all to let the above advice sink in. Perhaps the most important piece of advice that I can add to this list is “HAVE FUN!”.

Intern Countdown Blog pic
Anthony B from Houston’s daily checklist!

We are looking forward to meeting you this summer! #ProtivitiIntern


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