Fortune 1

Since last week’s exciting announcement that Protiviti was named to Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies To Work For, we have spent a lot of time celebrating.

Fortune 2

Charlotte, NC enjoyed breakfast, mimosas, and an adorable sign!

Others waited till lunch to break out the party hats.

Fortune 3

Or rather, sombreros.

Fortune 4

​Tampa topped their celebration off with strawberries — yum! ​​ And speaking of toppings, Chicago won that round.  A day full of shoe shining and professional portraits culminated in an over-the-top sundae bar!

Fortune 5

Kansas City took time to appreciate all their all-stars…

Fortune 6

While New York played charades.

Fortune 7

(Elephant?  Alien?  We give up.).

And Phoenix, like all of us, topped it off with a nice, big cheers!

Fortune 8

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