Sunday at mile 4 with Senior Consultant, Becky (pink); I am in lime green!


A few summers ago, I started a journey towards becoming healthy, with the help and encouragement of my colleagues.  After graduating from college, where I was a collegiate level athlete, I entered the professional world thinking that I would continue to have the same focus on health that I had maintained thus far.  Little did I know that life can often get in the way of this effort to be healthy.  I needed some motivation.

While watching some of my co-workers complete the Houston half-marathon, I decided that I would like to try running 13.1 miles the following January.

While I was athletic, I was never much of a runner, and to date I would still not describe myself as such.  Having said that, my Protiviti colleagues helped me train and inquired about my progress, and with the help of my Nike+ app, even provided support and friendly competition from across state lines.  I am pleased to share with you that on Sunday I completed another half marathon. It was awesome to see colleagues running along the course and spotting the Protiviti team cheering me towards my goal.

Nike Ap screen shot
3 of my 4 accountability friends on Nike+ are Protiviti employees

1.18.2014 (2) 1.18.2014

I reflected on this accomplishment yesterday, and looked back at all of the pictures from the previous years.  I am so lucky to have a company that helps me grow professionally and personally.

1.18.2015 finisher 2
At the end on Sunday after completing my 3rd 1/2 marathon!

-Casey Jo

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