Meet Betsy.  By day, Betsy recruits top technology talent to join Protiviti’s IT Consulting practice.  By night, weekend, and lunch break, she conducts research and creates recipes for her food blog, aptly named Food By Betsy.  Betsy also happens to live in Charlotte, which means I regularly enjoy the consequences of her culinary curiosity.  

This past Friday, the stars all aligned for Betsy in an event that Protiviti held in partnership with the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte.  The purpose of the event was to prepare and serve dinner for RMH families.  Protiviti volunteers, including the head of our Charlotte office, provided the menu and ingredients, prepared the meals, and served food for 50 people.  Here you can see our volunteers in action.

Coming up with dishes that cater to 50 hungry people sounds like a daunting task to most, but our resident chef Betsy took the challenge in stride.  She even agreed to share one of her recipes here for the benefit of our audience’s appetite.

The event was a success, and it just goes to show: when our people bring their whole selves to work, the results are truly delicious.


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