Today Protiviti takes the time to honor the veterans who are an important part of our workforce.  One such individual is Kevin, pictured above, who is a consultant in our Orlando office.  Prior to joining Protiviti, Kevin had the privilege of serving seven years on active duty in the Marine Corps. His experiences leading Marines through training and during overseas deployments has shaped his leadership and given him a solid foundation to carry with him going forward. Kevin is still connected to the Marine Corps as a drilling reservist.  To recognize him on Veterans Day, we asked Kevin to share his story.​

“I went through the NROTC (Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps) program at Jacksonville University and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in 2006. I completed my training requirements and was selected to become an Infantry Officer. I was deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2007 and later worked aboard the USS Bataan while participating in bi-lateral training exercises with foreign militaries from Greece, Egypt, France, Jordan and other Mediterranean countries. I also had the opportunity to provide humanitarian assistance in Haiti following the earthquake in 2010. Next, I was stationed in Jackson, Mississippi, at a reserve training center where I went back to school and earned my MBA with an accounting concentration. By this point I had begun to start a family and decided to leave active duty. I found my way to Protiviti in 2013.
I could not be happier with my experience in the military, and it was a tough decision to begin a second career. However, I found that Protiviti has a culture that allows me to leverage my experiences and to make a meaningful impact in my work. One of the key factors that led me to Protiviti was the leadership in my local office. I feel like the management team takes a genuine personal interest in me and my goals. I draw parallels between some of the senior officers that I have served with and the Protiviti leadership. I like working hard so long as I feel my efforts are making a difference in the world. Since starting with Protiviti, every day I come to work and I still feel motivated, I feel my work is meaningful, and that my future and Protiviti’s future are bright. Semper Fidelis. “
Thank you to Kevin and to all of the veterans who serve our country.

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