As my first fall recruiting season is nearing an end, I thought I’d reflect back on my adventures from Boston to Virginia and share a few of the things that I have learned along the way! Aside from listening to songs such as “Eye of the Tiger” on repeat to keep me going, or, inserting my own new lyrics to already popular Meghan Trainor songs…“It’s all about the accept, about the accept, no problem”, I created a list of “Campus Recruiting Survival Tips” and I thought I’d share with everyone!
  • 1)    ChapStick and Hydration.  I never knew how many people I was capable of speaking to in 3 hours until I went to a career fair. By the end of my first career fair, I’m not even sure if the words I spoke were English.
  • 2)    A good suitcase. Whether it’s a plane, a train, or automobile, having a bad suitcase can really ruin your day. Have you ever had the shopping cart with the crooked wheel at the super market?…exactly.
  • 3)    Have Protiviti Tech Support on speed-dial. I had to call Tech Support from almost every hotel I stayed in. My laptop and I have a love/hate relationship. Towards the end of the season, I’m fairly certain Tech Support was screening my phone calls.
  • 4)    Travel toiletries + Cool Eyes are a must. Being on the road means no frozen spoons handy! Might I suggest Bakel Cool Eye Cream for your dark circles and swollen eyes? And while I appreciate the bar soap that makes your skin feel sticky at the hotels, having your own body wash is far better.
  • 5)    Make friends…lots of friends. This really goes without being said, but it makes a huge difference. Have friends in all places throughout your offices because they will be your favorite people when you need help for Office Visits and on-campus recruiting.
  • 6)    Company Credit Card. Campus Recruiting costs money that this 24 year old does not have! The company credit card is a necessity.
  • 7)    Treat your 2nd monitor well. The number one thing I missed on the road? My second monitor. Copying & pasting is not the same without it and switching between documents is not ideal.
  • 8)    Learn to delegate and ask for help. This was my number one obstacle of the campus recruiting season. We all need help sometimes and while it’s hard to put trust in someone else, it’s something I had to learn to do.  Don’t be afraid to ask for support!
  • 9)    To-Do List. My savior. Emails are flying in at a nice pace and each one is un-related to the next. Make a list and prioritize so that you don’t forget! Colorful pens add a nice touch.
  • 10) COFFEE. Sweet, sweet coffee. Without you, I would not know what to do. Thank you for being my best friend and for always being there for me. Even when you were being a diva for $5.00 at Starbucks, I still knew I could count on you. 


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