As a student, you’ve spent hours perfecting your resume and practicing your elevator speech.   Our newest consultants were in your shoes just one year ago – so to help you nail the details, we asked a trio of recent hires for their advice.
— Camille, San Francisco, UC-Berkeley alum

Invest your time and energy into learning more about the companies you are interested in, as well as the people who make up those companies. Whether you spend time reading up on the company, their industry, and their clients; participating in networking events/interviews; or simply reaching out to recruiters or professionals for more information about their experiences with the company, you’ll be glad you did. By doing these things, you’ll be getting a better idea of what to expect if and when you go to work for a particular firm, hopefully minimizing any surprises.  Additionally, you will spend a great deal of time at work, with your co-workers – it’s a worthwhile investment of time to get to know a few of them and see if you could picture yourself as part of the team, before you sign on.
— Michael, Los Angeles, UC-Irvine alum

Find a company where you can see yourself sharing interests with coworkers outside of the office. Protiviti has provided me with a network of individuals who are driven, accomplished, and well-rounded. When you enjoy the people you work with, you will enjoy going to work!
— Ally, San Francisco, Cal Poly alum

We hope that you find this helpful – for more inspiration, visit Protiviti Careers.  In the meantime, best of luck!

— Kiristen

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