Philip, Melissa, and Sajed at the event

As part of our campus recruiting effort, Protiviti strives to build relationships with student organizations at top schools across the U.S.  Last Friday, we were thrilled to partner with the Internal Audit Organization and local Ascend chapter at St. John’s University in New York.  Our consultants provided an overview of Protiviti to the students who attended and also led a discussion around the differences between internal audit and external audit.

During a thorough Q&A session, our team reinforced the value of the students’ college experience as they transition into a work environment.  As Melissa, one of our presenters, describes, “We wanted to be informative about the various types of jobs the students could be exposed to at Protiviti (especially what differs from external audit) as well as what we have to offer.”  Thank you to everyone who participated — we had a fantastic time!

— Katelyn

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