Peanuts, Cracker Jack, and $1.00 hotdogs!  The Texas summer heat has arrived and along with that comes baseball.  Home-state rivals battled in Arlington, TX a few weeks ago, and the Dallas Protiviti Interns were right there in the action!  Although the Houston Astros beat the Rangers 8-4, a good time was had by all.  Chris went after ever foul ball no matter where it ended up in the stadium, Mary was the most spirited and knowledgeable Rangers fan, Priscilla embraced the heat with grace, and Erica and Eduardo proudly wore their Ranger gear!  After a tough defeat, they all spent an hour looking for Chris’s truck in the massive parking lot.  It was an impromptu teambuilding exercise that allowed for everyone’s DISC personalities to shine through.  Cheers to the adventures had by the Dallas Interns!
Pictured lef to right: Erica Allen, Priscilla Monk, Chris Gover, Mary Cartwright, Eduardo Zaldivar
-Jillian Nyberg 

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